Artificial Intelligence Projects

Artificial intelligence can be used by any business or organisation to solve problems and optimise outcomes. Implementing machine learning and AI can have a major impact on your efficiency and effectiveness - helping you save costs, improve performance and increase revenues.

However, designing and deploying AI projects can be hard. Most AI projects fail. For many reasons, but most commonly:


  1.   Lack of appropriate skills

  2.   Poor quality, poorly labelled data

  3.   Difficulty interfacing AI with existing systems

  4.   Inflexible AI tools and models

  5.   Vague or badly defined business need

AI is our core business, and we do things a little differently. Our tools and capabilities can help to avoid these pitfalls.

Our goal is to make it so simple that anyone can our data platform DAVE and AI tools ANNA to successfully unlock the power of AI on their data. Easy to access and affordable AI-as-a-Service without the need for specialist skills. In time, we will increasingly automate ANNA to become an intuitive 'self-service AI' tool.

Until then, we can work with you and your team, and use our capabilities to lower the cost and the risk of your AI projects.

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