Core technologies

Core technologies

UnifAI Technology exists to simplify artificial intelligence for real-world applications.


Our goal is to make AI simpler, so that anyone can access our platform, easily connect as many sets of data as they wish, and use our AI tools to start unlocking the power of their data, affordably, and without the need for specialist skills or resources.  To do this we have two core capabilities: 


DAVE (Data And Visualisation Engine) 


DAVE is an easy to use, customisable data platform that puts all of your data in one place, with simple management tools and clear visualisation options.  Data can be ingested in real-time directly from sensors/devices, or historic from existing databases and can be input via API, or using CSV files.  Your data is yours, so you can also easily export it to a CSV file or via an API to other platforms or dashboards.

ANNA (Advanced Neural Networks and AI)

ANNA is at the heart of our AI capabilities, and is a suite of AI tools embedded in DAVE which can automatically apply the power of artificial intelligence to your data.  ANNA can be trained on any set of consistent data feeds to unlock richer insights from data. The outputs can be viewed in real-time through our embedded dashboard.

We have used our AI tools to create products and demonstrate our capability.  Take a look at our products section to see what our tools are capable of. 

Click the PDF icon to download more information about DAVE and ANNA.

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