Medical Point of Care Testing, UK

UnifAI is developing digitised and connected point of care medical testing for remote diagnostics.

Point of care tests, such as dipstick or lateral flow tests, are analogue and siloed. They rely on an individual to read and interpret a visual result (typically lines, dots or colours) and to manually record the result. Each of these is subject to human error. The results remain unconnected unless manually entered into a digital platform of some kind.

UnifAI is working with InnovateUK and both NHS and private sector partners, and we have developed an AI powered solution to turn a range of point of care medical tests into connected, digital tests. Our approach is to:

  • Create a simple smartphone app which uses the camera phone to capture an image of the completed test

  • Integrate the app with UnifAI's cloud-based platform

  • Train ANNA to read and interpret the test result

  • Automate the process of our AI accessing the image, interpreting and recording the result

  • Automate the process of collating test results and metadata in DAVE for analytics and visual dashboard    

Digital point of care medical testing, AI
Healthtech, AI, epidemiology platform