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BCP Council to utilise AI technology to help protect the quality of Poole Harbour’s water and habitats


Working jointly with UnifAI Technology Ltd, BCP Council has announced a pilot project which will utilise AI (artificial intelligence) technology to monitor, protect and improve the water ecosystem in Poole Harbour


This exciting pilot project will be undertaken in association with Poole Harbour Commissioners, the Environment Agency, Digital Catapult’s Things Connected Bournemouth, Southern IFCA and Barclays Eagle Labs.


Poole Harbour is one of the world’s largest natural harbours and has been recognised internationally as an important area for nature conservation and is designated a Special Protection Area. The harbour supports extensive wild and aquaculture shellfish beds, and water quality is vitally important for this key local industry.


The new project will see UnifAI Technology provide a network of water quality sensors to continuously monitor the harbour for real-time AI analysis. This innovative, low cost approach to environmental monitoring will enable the detection of a much wider range of physical, chemical and biological indicators within the harbour. This will help them to understand, manage and predict events such as bacterial build up, sewage, fertiliser run-off and industrial discharges, which can be harmful for aquatic ecosystems, creating a build up of algae which can be detrimental to water quality.


The project is commencing with a pilot in the Poole Park lake, which is connected by a sluice channel to Poole Harbour. With more shelter around the lake making it easier to access the AI, the pilot will utilise existing water quality data from the lake to help to train the AI ahead of its use in Poole Harbour.


The project forms part of the work that the Council’s Economic Development team are delivering as a partner on the Interreg 2 Seas ‘Smart Ports Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development (SPEED) Programme’ which aims to develop the conditions for a leading smart ports innovation. It is also helping with the council’s ongoing Smart Place work which transforms the way that people can live their lives through the adoption of digital applications, with the longer-term goal of this project being to demonstrate the value of AI-enabled water sensing for near shore waterways such as rivers, estuaries, tidal lakes and harbours across the UK and beyond.


Councillor Felicity Rice, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, BCP Council commented:

“It’s great to be working with partners through this pilot to help to protect our special harbour ecosystem. Poole harbour is treasured by everyone that lives and visits Poole. Unfortunately, there are many factors affecting the wildlife and plants in the harbour. For example, tyre dust from cars and lorries gets washed into the water, along with products used in the farming industry, and even the medications that we use ourselves (such as anti-depressants, contraceptive pills and diabetic medication) can end up in the water course system – so we are really keen to understand how we can best preserve this amazing natural feature which is right on our doorstep.



Dan Byles, Chief Commercial Officer for UnifAI Technology, and former Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Environment commented:

“We are delighted to be working with BCP Council and the Poole Harbour Commissioners on this important project. By helping us understanding complex systems such as the microbiome of natural water ecosystems, the right technologies can be powerful tools in ensuring we better look after the quality of our water, air and soil. Our goal at UnifAI Technology is to simplify the use of artificial intelligence to for real world applications such as this.”





Neuris works with a network of farms and technology partners to deliver predictive and precision capabilities to the agriculture sector.  We innovate the approach taken to the field and strive to maximise profit to the agriculture businessman while also actively working to conserve the environment with a more rational and useful approach to farming.


UnifAI is Neuris’ partner in developing the neural network across a variety of farming disciplines, crops and  geographies an is focused on the development and application of AI, machine optimization and data analytics to offer the best solution suited to every soil and crop condition in which Neuris will operate.  Neuris customers will benefit from the best in class solutions, and we have partnered with UnifAI Technology to deliver the relevant artificial intelligence capability.


UnifAI Technologies approach includes the use of AI to enhance sensors that collect limitless data and use AI to infer many more parameters, enabling farmers to get far more detailed information in a cost effective way, to help improve production and profit.  


Neuris' promise to its customers is to deliver the best solution possible, and a solution which the agriculture businessman can act upon with far greater precision.  We are delighted with the partnership between Neuris and UnifAI Technology, and the brand new age of technology that we are bringing to agriculture in general and to Neuris’ customers in particular.

“Neuris is a well connected business in the agriculture sector and has a long standing interest to deliver the future we have envisioned for farming.

The farmer will complement their knowledge and experience with extensive data collection associated with a powerful AI engine that will connect the farmer directly to his crops, increasing the chances that his crops will thrive.

There is no better time “to get your hands dirty” and join Neuris and UnifAI and bring Agriculture to the next level. We are only taking the first step, but there is an entire world of opportunity ahead.”


Filinto Girão Osório, CEO Neuris

Redpill Group is an innovation business focused on sustainable urban, rural, economic and commercial development, through the environmentally sensitive application of technologies, new business models and investment processes. Redpill work internationally with cities, companies, universities and not-for-profits to deliver sustainable solutions to complex challenges. We innovate, incubate, build and support new companies; developing new technologies and working with partners to take them to global markets.


UnifAI is supporting Redpill Group across a number of projects focused on the development and application of AI, sensor technologies, communication technologies and data analytics to optimise the performance of agricultural systems commercially and environmentally.


Approaches to this include the real-time monitoring of the soil microbiome via multiple variables and the optimisation of its management.

"I've long been a champion of the power of data to improve outcomes and drive meaningful change. Making use of AI to better understand that data is critical. We are partnering with UnifAI Technology because of their deep domain knowledge in AI and neural networks, and in particular how to apply these tools to real world problems.

For example, in our first joint project I am interested in how we can work together to optimise the treatment of soils to minimise plant distress and improve agricultural outcomes. I am also interested in better understanding the carbon sequestration capacity of soil. I see this project as just the start."

Robin Daniels, CEO Redpill Group

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