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ANNA (Advanced Neural Networks and AI)

Artificial intelligence can be used by any business or organisation to solve problems and optimise outcomes. Implementing machine learning and AI can have a major impact on your efficiency and effectiveness - helping you save costs, improve performance and increase revenues.

However, many simply don't have the time or skills to consider an AI project.

AI is our core business, and we do things a little differently to other AI companies. Our tools and capabilities are designed to:

  • Help companies avoid common AI pitfalls.

  • Flexibly manage AI projects without specialist skills.

  • Reduce the time, cost and risk of AI projects.

  • Stop AI being a 'science experiment,' and making using it just part of how you do business. 

AI as a Service


​ANNA is available as-a-Service on a project basis.

Customers get the benefit of our Core Technologies, DAVE and ANNA, and our technical and scientific team’s deep domain knowledge, with a fixed project price.

The benefits ANNA can bring to any AI project include:

  • A suite of optimised no code AI tools

  • Enables "AI as a Service"

  • Can be trained on any set of consistent data feeds

  • Unlocks richer insights from data

  • Outputs can be viewed in real-time through DAVE, or exported

  • Export data via API to other platforms or dashboards

  • In time, we will increasingly automate ANNA to become an intuitive 'self-service' AI tool

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