Rivers and Natural Assets, UK

Rivers are both complex ecosystems and valuable natural resources. Polluted river water can have a harmful effect on wildlife, and can increase the cost of treating extracted water for drinking.

However, rivers across Europe face many challenges. Damaging nutrients from agricultural run-off or sewage overflows can have a negative impact on water quality, causing eutrophication and build-up of algae. Harmful bacteria can effect the health of wildlife and people. It is estimated that high levels of nitrates in river water can increase the cost of treatment by x40.

The ability to remotely and continuously monitor water in rivers or reservoirs has significant benefits over current processes – which typically require manual sample collection for lab analysis.


UnifAI is working with a Wessex Water, a major UK water utility who are using UnifAI’s sensing and AI to provide:

  • An early warning system for harmful pollution events

  • Alerts for bathers and river users

  • Real-time pollution "track and trace"

  • Infrastructure and asset monitoring

  • Low cost sensing converged with AI to provide real-time alerts for the presence of harmful bacteria such as E.Coli and Enterococci 

UnifAI and Wessex Water have launched a beta version of the UK's first AI-powered web application that gives recreational river users near-real-time water quality information against DEFRA bathing water quality standards.

Warleigh Weir UnifAI water quality
Warleigh Weir UnifAI water quality
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