Infrastructure Monitoring Pilot, Middle East

UnifAI is working with a large telco partner in the Middle East to run an exciting pilot in a country where most buildings store water in roof-based water tanks for drinking and other purposes. Under local regulations, water tanks are supposed to be cleaned and disinfected at least once every six months.

The Agency responsible for monitoring safety and regulatory compliance conducted an inspection campaign to review the hygiene and safety standards of these tanks. It was concluded that a wide-scale remote monitoring solution was required to remotely and automatically detect compliance/non-compliance.


After a competitive tender process, UnifAI and one large engineering company were selected for a multi-month pilot. The engineering company deployed a large and expensive fixed cabinet with multiple sensors, requiring additional plumbing and pipe-work, capable of monitoring 5 water parameters. UnifAI has deployed a small low-cost, wireless, plug-and-play, fit-and-forget sensor directly into the tank at a fraction of the cost. The AI sitting behind the sensor is capable of monitoring up to 20 water parameters, including harmful bacteria.

If the project is successful, UnifAI technology will eventually be deployed to every building in the country at a massive scale.

Water infrastructure monitoring