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Legionella Risk Monitoring, Benelux

By measuring change over time for a range of complex parameters, our AI has developed predictive microbiology algorithms that provide early warning of biological signatures consistent with the presence of Legionella, E.Coli, and other faecal coliforms and non-faecal microorganisms

The video on the right shows an off-the-shelf water sensor using our AI to detect and report, in real-time, the presence of E.Coli in water.

We are working with Liquisens in Belgium on an exciting project to demonstrate the use of our AI for understanding and monitoring the risk of Legionella in buildings and other water infrastructure.

Our technology is being deployed in a number of assets across the Benelux countries:

  • A hospital

  • A care home

  • A commercial building

  • An industrial cooling tower

Legionella monitoring, water sensor, AI
Artificial Intelligence AI Legionella Monitoring
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