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UnifAI Environment

Looking after our planet for future generations is not optional. At UnifAI, we believe digital transformation and AI has a role to play in driving sustainability and Net Zero. We are working to improve access to natural resources for those who need it while minimising the impact humans have on our planet.


Helping to feed the world while reducing food carbon. We are developing a soil quality monitoring capability which enables us to deploy low cost sensing with AI to understand the nutrient and microbiome levels in soil, helping farmers to make operational decisions and reduce the use of chemical fertilisers.

At the same time, we can measure and monitor carbon in soil to support the use of the natural environment to capture and store carbon. This will enable farmers and others involved with land management to diversify their income streams and be rewarded for good soil husbandry, through grants, subsidies and carbon exchanges.


Access to clean water is one of the greatest health issues that faces our planet. It doesn’t just affect people, it affects farming, industrial processes and many other aspects of our lives.

We believe we have created the most advanced and affordable water quality monitoring and risk assessment engine in the world.

Our Artificial Intelligence can affordably provide much greater insight into live water quality, using data from low cost, off-the-shelf commercial sensors. Our water sensing AI has been trained with millions of historic water quality data points.  We can measure a wide range of parameters and our predictive microbiology algorithms provide early warning of biological signatures consistent with the presence of Legionella, E.Coli and other harmful bacteria.

The real time identification of events provides an early warning system for the risk based prioritisation of interventions, and once enough data has been collected the AI can learn to predict some events before they occur, such as Combined Sewage Overflow spills or the presence of harmful bacteria at bathing sites.

Our AI is sensor-agnostic, but we have teamed up with partners WATR and WaterSense to provide pre-integrated sensors to cover a range of use cases. Our unique "hub and spoke" approach optimises the use of multi-parameter sensors for AI training, with multiple low-cost sensors providing an instant and easy to deploy network.

Case Studies

Wessex Water - UK Water Utility

Poole Harbour - Coastal water project

Swimming Pools

Soil Quality

UnifAI Environment, artificial intelligence
UnifAI Environment, artificial intelligence
UnifAI Environment, artificial intelligence
UnifAI Environment, artificial intelligence
WATR Water Sensor
Swimming pool, floating water sensor, AI
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