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UnifAI Health

UnifAI is committed to using our expertise to help improve the health and well-being of people across the globe.

AI and data science have the ability to transform healthcare, driving down costs and improving outcomes for everyone. We are working towards a more digital and connected world in which healthcare innovation is available to everyone regardless of where they live. Using AI and everyday devices such as smartphones, we are pioneering accessible remote digital diagnostics for a range of health conditions.

UnifAI has developed our world class technology to read and record the results of COVID-19 lateral flow tests, turning siloed and analogue tests into digital and connected tests. Our results are compelling. We have demonstrated that our AI powered Digital Reader is more accurate than humans, even more accurate than trained medical staff.

We are delighted that in January 2022, the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has authorised the UnifAI Technology Digital Reader for Special Use as a medical device for the accurate reading of COVID-19 lateral flow diagnostic tests

In addition to our work on remote diagnostics, UnifAI is pioneering the use of AI to monitor and understand environmental microbiome in real-time, including potentially harmful bacteria to reduce clinically acquired infections. This capability has the potential to significantly improve health outcomes in hospitals, care homes and other environments.

Case Studies

Remote Diagnostics - COVID Testing

Microbiome monitoring - Legionella

UnifAI Health, artificial intelligence
UnifAI Health, artificial intelligence
UnifAI Health, artificial intelligence
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