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Swimming Pools, Portugal

Traditionally, swimming pool water is tested manually for a small number of chemicals such as chlorine. With UnifAI's advances in the use of AI for sensing, it is now possible to continuously monitor the quality of the water remotely for a larger number of variables to ensure that the water is safe and healthy, including harmful bacteria in the pool.

Celorico de Basto became the first municipality in Portugal to successfully pilot the use of UnifAI's sensing and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to monitor and improve water conditions in of one of their swimming pools.

The pilot was conducted with local energy and water experts Filotipo Lda, who monitor and manage the pool in real-time using technology provided by UnifAI Technology.

Eng. Artur Cardoso from Department of Urban and Maintenance Services of Celorico de Basto Municipality (Divisão de Serviços Urbanos e Manutenção) said, "The quality of water in our swimming pools is very important to us, and we are delighted to be the first pool in Portugal to use innovative technologies to help us improve the water quality in our swimming pools, and to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for swimmers. We are proud to be the first swimming pool in Portugal to adopt this technology. This pilot was successful, and we believe it demonstrates our commitment to the safety of our citizens.”

UnifAI swimming pool sensor
UnifAI Sswimming pool sensor
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