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AI as a Service

Simplifying AI to solve real world problems

Using AI for real-world problems is hard.

In time we will provide self service AI tools to make it easier to access and train affordable neural networks, and make AI easier to use for those without high levels of data science skills.

Sitting under the hood of our platform is a comprehensive suite of AI tools that include Deep Learning and Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks and Convolutional Neural Networks modelled on the human brain. Our aim is to make these available to our customers with little or no training and specialist knowledge using an intuitive user interface, so that every business has an opportunity to participate in and benefit from the AI revolution.

Whilst we develop these self service tools, we can provide AI as a Service to meet your AI needs. Take a look on our product page at some of the capabilities our team are developing within agriculture, environmental and health and wellbeing sectors to better understand the kind of things we can do, and want to empower you to also be able to do.

AI as a service: About Us
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