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Understanding the cost of DAVE


Pricing for DAVE is simple and transparent.


DAVE is priced “per sensor per year.”


We define a sensor as a single node, which transmits data to DAVE from a single location. A sensor may include a cluster of up to (six?) probes which share a single communication device and transmit data together, and may transmit up to (six?) parameters at a time. If your sensors transmit more than (six?) parameters, please speak to us.


A sensor is not a multi-sensor hub or a gateway, and UnifAI reserves the right to treat multiple sensors connected via a hub or a gateway as more than one sensor. If in doubt, please speak to us.


To use DAVE for different types of datasets other than sensors, the same pricing principles apply. Each data point will be treated as one sensor.


The subscription cost per sensor per year falls as the number of sensors you deploy rises.

Subscriptions come with generous per sensor limits on data and compute power which are more than enough for the most users, and with a limit on the number of users.

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