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Understanding the cost of DAVE

We provide simplified pricing to make it easy for you to understand how much DAVE costs.  Within our licencing you are provided with the underlying compute power along with up to 1GB of data storage and 10 million data operations (defined below) per sensor,, for up to four users.  If you require more users; more data storage, for example if you wish to import historic data; or you need more operations, you can simply pay extra for what you need.  Our calculator makes it easy for you to understand your costs, and includes volume discounts.   

We don't charge extra for access to the AI models or functions we've created, or for those you create, as long as you remain within the usage limits you've bought.

Our pricing and the associated limits are designed to satisfy most use cases.  If you have a use case that doesn't fit within these limits you can define your own limits. 


Each data operation is the movement of a parameter, or sensor reading.  If a sensor produces 6 parameters every hour, it will consume around 4,500 data operations each month.  Every time you show parameters on the visualisation screen, you will consume data operations.  For context, a user would be able to view one week of data from the sensor example above around 2,200 times each month.  A years worth of data would represent around 234,000 data operation, so could be viewed around 40 times in a month.  These numbers are illustrative and will depend on what other activities take place within your account.

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