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Our easy to use Data And Visualisation Engine (DAVE) enables you to view and analyse your data quickly and easily. It is a plug and play tool that simplifies the process of putting your data into our platform, and accessing the insights and outputs that you need.  Data can be automatically updated using our APIs, or even CSV files, and our platform is designed to let you quickly connect data streams in real time, or input static datasets. Once your data is in our platform, you will have access to a range of real-time analytics tools to help unlock value from your data that:


  1. Provide a real time view of the most recent data;

  2. View your data over time and understand patterns;

  3. Use enhanced visual analytics to understand the relationship between different data sets;

  4. Create alerts for early warning when parameters fall below or rise above thresholds you have set;

  5. Access easy to use artificial intelligence tools through our Advanced Neural Network and AI (ANNA) capabilities.   


You have full control over the publication of your data and visualisation, with configuration at both the administrator and individual level, so the company can control what it displays and to who, whilst the user can configure how they view accessible data, helping to ensure a personalised and engaging experience.  

You can visualise most forms of data so whether it is environmental data, as illustrated with air quality below, footfall for retail, financial performance, disposal of waste or anything else you want to show and analyse, if you have access to the data, DAVE can visualise ait and open the opportunity to access ANNA's AI tools. 

Click the PDF icon to download more information about DAVE and ANNA.

Getting your data ready for Artificial Intelligence


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