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Data and Visualisation Platform

Powering Data Visualisation and Analytics

Our mission to unlock AI for everyone begins with our easy to use UnifAI Data and Visualisation Platform. This is a plug and play tool that simplifies the process of putting your data into our platform, and accessing the insights and outputs that you need.

Many companies and organisations already generate growing amounts of data, from sensors and devices to databases and spreadsheets. Using simple tools such as APIs and even CSV files, our platform is designed to let you quickly connect data streams or input static datasets. Once your data is in our platform, you will have access to a range of real-time analytics tools to help unlock additional value from your data.

You can set your own performance metrics, KPIs or thresholds for automated alerts. You can visualise and understand your data in detail (such as by an individual site or sensor), or at an aggregate level (such as across an entire building portfolio or farm). This will help you to better understand your data, in context.

Simply by having your key data in one place; with powerful but easy to use tools available to help you manipulate, analyse and visualise it; you can better understand valuable trends and correlations. Automated alerts help you to accelerate the detection of important or urgent events, enabling you to react faster. The visualisation tool will be accessible through all major platforms on mobile, tablet and PC.

Once your data is integrated on our platform, we have simplified the process of applying UnifAI’s AI tools for greater insights.

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