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Other Solutions and Capabilities

We are working with partners and customers to deliver AI-powered solutions in a range of sectors. Some of these capabilities will soon become stand-alone products, but for now why not get in touch to discuss how you can access these solutions for your business or organisation.

Soil Health Monitoring

We are developing new sensing capabilities to detect and correlate particular foliage patterns with certain soil defects, plant pests and diseases.  Our AI will provide pathogen screening capability, focused on bacteria and fungi, as well as a comprehensive soil microbial evaluation to help farmers achieve a healthier balance sheet, and a healthier environment. We are also working on using AI to remotely determine the carbon sequestration capability of soil.

Health and Wellbeing

We have a number of projects where we are applying our AI tools to directly improve the health and wellbeing of people. Using AI to monitor and understand environmental microbiome in real-time to reduce clinically acquired infections. Utilising DAVE as a real-time ‘epidemiology platform’ with embedded AI for analysing health data. Directly monitoring wearable devices to provide early warning and intervention. Risk stratification of diabetic foot ulcers using smartphone cameras and image analysis. Digitised and connected point of care medical testing for remote diagnostics.

Agritech, soil sensing, AI
Agritech, soil sensing, AI
Healthtech, AI, point of care testing
Healthtech, AI, epidemiology platform
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