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Our software subscription pricing is clear, transparent and consistent across our product range. 

Subscribers get full access to the neural networks and formulas we create, without extra cost.  Therefore, when you buy our products or subscribe to our platform you get access to added value capabilities without having to pay more. This provides you with a product today that has predictable costs and is future proofed against increases relating to new neural networks and formulas we create.   

There is no minimum order for our pre-packaged and configured products, such as water quality or agricultural sensing.

Our Data and Visualisation Engine (DAVE) is available on a subscription basis, with a minimum subscription of £4,500 per year (equivalent to 10 sensors).


We can undertake PoCs, with a minimum price of £20,000, subject to our resource requirements.


We can also undertake AI as a service initiatives with pricing on request.  

In early 2021 we will be launching a self service AI capability which will be subject to a separate licencing agreement.  

All pricing excludes taxes and duties and is subject to our fair use policies.


If you are interested in buying our products or services, please email 

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