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Understanding the cost of DAVE


Pricing for DAVE is simple and transparent.

DAVE is priced “per device per year.”

A device is typically a sensor.

We define a sensor as a single node, which transmits data to DAVE from a single location. A sensor may include a cluster of up to 8 probes which share a single communication device, share a single geographical location and transmit data together, and may transmit up to 8 parameters at a time. If your sensors transmit more than 8 parameters, you will need to buy additional licences. 

To use DAVE for different types of datasets other than sensors, the same pricing principles apply. Each data point will be treated as one sensor.

The subscription cost per sensor per year reduces as you buy more subscriptions.


Subscriptions come with generous per-sensor limits on data and compute power which are more than enough for the most users, and with a limit on the number of users.

These limits are designed to satisfy most use cases.  If you have a use case that doesn't fit within these limits you can purchase additional users, data storage or data operations. Our calculator makes it easy for you to understand your costs, and includes volume discounts.   

Data and compute limits are aggregated across sensors and users.

We don't charge extra for access to the AI models or functions we've created, or for those you create, as long as you remain within your subscription usage limits.


Each D-Op is the movement of a parameter, or sensor reading, either from the sensor to the platform, or from the platform to your dashboard while viewing data.

If a sensor transmits 6 direct parameters every hour, it will consume:


Every time you view parameters in the dashboard, you will consume D-Ops. For context, a user would be able to view one entire month of data from the sensor example above around 2,240 times each month, or one year of data around 186 times each month.

If DAVE used those 6 direct parameters to create an additional 6 AI-generated indirect parameters, then visualising the 12 sensor outputs for one hour would consume 12 D-OPs.


These numbers are illustrative and will depend on what other activities take place within your account.

Sensor subscription table.png
Data limits table.png
D-Ops table.png
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