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Advanced Water Quality Monitoring

Advanced Water Quality Monitoring

We are working with several water companies to deliver a lower cost, AI powered water quality monitoring solution that complements existing methods. Hardware agnostic, the solution delivers real-time and predictive alerts for pollution events, including the presence of harmful bacteria such as E.coli and Enterococci.

Our technology provides a next-generation digital solution for monitoring and analysing water quality data in any water source, using low-cost sensors combined with cloud-based artificial intelligence, with an online flexible platform capable of handling all data logged and with embedded AI and analytics.

The platform uses artificial intelligence combined with 3rd party off-the-shelf water quality sensors and wider datasets to provide real-time alerts and predictions for harmful pollutants and bacteria levels in river and coastal sites. It presents the data in a sophisticated and scalable Data, Analytics and Visualisation Engine (DAVE) to make it easy to visualise changes to data over time, to apply analytics and to set alerts and alarms.

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