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We use our Artificial Intelligence to build products that improve the health and well-being of people, the environment and infrastructure.  We are working with partners in a range of sectors, including infrastructure, environmental monitoring and remote health diagnostics.  Some examples of where our AI is in use include:  

  • asset monitoring in the Middle East to protect health and well-being

  • combined with low cost sensing to detect E.Coli and Legionnella

  • agricultural sensing to improve crop performance

  • with smartphones to enable remote healthcare diagnostics

  • helping to monitor seawater quality in ports

  • monitoring rivers to identify and predict pollution events​

Our platform, DAVE, is versatile and configurable, and able to operate with data from any sector.

Our evolutionary neural networks, part of ANNA, are able to learn and improve over time and with additional data, continually optimising performance and results.

Water quality sensor, Middle East
Water quality sensor, sea port
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