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Water Sensing AI

Access to clean water is one of the greatest health issues that faces our planet. It doesn’t just affect people, it affects  farming, industrial processes and many other aspects of our lives.


Our Artificial Intelligence can affordably provide much greater insight into water quality anywhere, using data from low cost, off-the-shelf commercial sensors.


Our water sensing AI has been trained with millions of historic water quality data points.  We can measure a wide range of parameters, including microbial and faecal coliforms such as e.coli, and very shortly, legionella.

Being able to continuously monitor for harmful bacteria using remote sensors, we can help to significantly improve the health of water, infrastructure and people. For example, identifying and alerting of sewage overflows, excessive agricultural runoff, and other events.


Our AI can work with many existing, already deployed networks - adding significant value and insights to existing infrastructure.

Alternatively, by using off the shelf sensors which measure just a few parameters, we are able to keep the cost of delivering new sensing infrastructure exceptionally low. 


We provide a turnkey plug and play, fit and forget solution - take a look at our product brochure. 



Monitoring harmful bacteria in water

By measuring change over time for various parameters such as organic carbon, nitrates, phosphates and more, our AI has developed predictive microbiology algorithms that provide early warning of:

  • Eutrophication events (from sewage, fertilisers and industrial discharges).


  • Biological signatures consistent with the presence of Legionella, E.Coli, and other faecal coliforms and non-faecal microorganisms

The video below shows an off-the-shelf water sensor using our AI to detect and report, in real-time, the presence of Legionella and E.Coli in water.

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